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Analysis: Americans *hate* the Texas abortion law

At the core of the law is the empowerment of private citizens to bring lawsuits against people who assist someone in getting an abortion after the state’s six-week window. It also provides monetary rewards of up to $10,000 for those who bring the suits.
People really don’t like either of those provisions, according to new national polling from Monmouth University.

Fully 70% of Americans disagree with the idea of allowing private citizens to bring lawsuits against abortion providers. That numbers includes 9 in 10 Democrats, yes, but also more than 4 in 10 Republicans.

Opposition to paying off these complainants is even higher in the poll, with 81% disapproving of the idea — including 2 in 3 (67%) of self-identified Republicans.

Those sorts of overwhelming majorities — particularly on an issue as divisive as abortion rights — are essentially unheard of, but speak to a bipartisan sense in the public that Texas Republicans went too far.

Remarkably, in spite of those numbers, at least seven other Republican-controlled states have expressed interest in following Texas’ lead on its abortion law.
And in Missouri, a federal judge is expected to rule on Tuesday as to whether a 2019 law that effectively bans abortion after eight weeks can begin to be implemented.

The Point: At minimum, the Texas law will serve as a base-motivating tool for Democrats who are in search of energy in advance of the critical 2022 midterms. At most, the law — and other potential copycats around the country — could jeopardize the GOP’s ability to win over swing voters.

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