Hyundai rolls out adorable customer service robot for its showrooms

According to Hyundai, this means that the robot can recognize when someone has entered the showroom without wearing a mask, and can then advise them to wear one. The company says that the DAL-e’s short humanoid form exudes a “welcoming appeal” with emotive physical features coupled with smooth dialogue. 

The DAL-e can also move around, potentially accompanying customers around the showroom, thanks to four omnidirectional wheels. There’s a touchscreen display located on the top of its head where you can find out more information about certain vehicles, and the DAL-e can also wirelessly connect to a large display at the venue. Amusingly, the DAL-e can even ask visitors to take selfies with it. 

If the pilot operation is successful, the company hopes to deploy more DAL-e robots at other showrooms of Hyundai and Kia.

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