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Owners of Anker’s Eufy security cameras are running into a serious privacy bug. As 9to5Mac reports, users on Anker’s forums and Reddit have found themselves suddenly accessing others’ camera feeds, including recordings and even account details. Logging out and in again appears to resolve the issue (as does using HomeKit Secure Video), but this clearly raises concerns that a not-so-scrupulous user might spy on someone else.

The issue doesn’t appear to be region-limited. While Australian and New Zealand users have documented many of the incidents so far, some users in the US have had the same problem.

We’ve asked Anker for comment, although owners say they’ve been asked to sign in again — the company might be aware of the problem. There’s still no official explanation, though, and it’s not certain that there’s a fix in place. For now, you might want to stop using your cameras until it’s clear no one else is getting an inadvertent peek inside your home.

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