Why did Nicholas Castellanos get suspended? Reds outfielder appealing ban for role in fracas vs. Cardinals

Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing.

Reds outfielder Nicholas Castellanos was handed a short ban from MLB for his role in a … fracas? disturbance? … over the weekend in a game vs. the Cardinals.

Per MLB’s release: Castellanos received “an undisclosed fine for his aggressive actions and for instigating a benches-clearing incident” during Saturday afternoon’s game. Castellanos flexed over Cardinals pitcher Jake Woodford after scoring on a wild pitch.

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The outfielder didn’t throw any punches and the only things hurt were feelings, but MLB decided that Castellanos was still deserving of a short suspension.

On the other side, Woodford, who some thought purposely tossed at Castellanos, did not get any games for (maybe?) intentionally throwing at him.

Even if a suspension seems a little soft, there was a reason for it.

Why did Nicholas Castellanos get suspended?

The Reds’ outfielder was handed a two-game suspension for his role in starting a bench-clearing  dust-up with the Cardinals on Saturday.

While no punches were thrown, Castellanos inciting the fracas is in violation of the 2021 MLB health and safety protocols, as the league continues to try to play it safe within the COVID pandemic:

Prohibitions against unsportsmanlike conduct will be strictly enforced to prevent unnecessary physical contact and support physical distancing between individuals on the playing field. In this respect, players and managers should maintain physical distancing from all umpires and opposing players on the playing field whenever possible. Players or managers who leave their positions to argue with umpires, come within six feet of an umpire or opposing player or manager for the purpose of argument, or engage in altercations on the field are subject to immediate ejection and discipline, including fines and suspensions.

Castellanos is appealing the decision, but expect it to be upheld. The suspension is scheduled to begin tonight.

Cardinals pitcher Jake Woodford didn’t receive a suspension for hitting Castellanos with a pitch earlier. Several players, including Nolan Arenado, Jordan Hicks, Yadier Molina, Eugenio Suarez and Jesse Winker received fines for their roles in the incident.

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