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Signs it’s time to dump your old back-office system

With the year 2021 entering its final quarter, many brokerages use this time as an opportunity to look at current systems and processes in order to determine if there is a more efficient, effective, and profitable way to do business. Your back-office is the foundation of your brokerage operations. Don’t settle for old systems or software that can’t grow with you!

Here are some signs that it might be time to replace your outdated and ineffective technology:

You can’t access your back-office easily, via the web, or from your preferred device.

Does your current system lack accessibility? Since we live in a technologically driven world, it should be easy to log into your system via web and mobile device -— regardless if you’re an Apple or PC user. If your current system doesn’t allow for this kind of efficiency, it’s definitely time for an upgrade!

You’re not getting accurate reporting, or you’re finding it troublesome to get the reports you need with correct data.

Does your current software allow you to easily understand the daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly financial health of your brokerage? Your back-office should give you the instant ability to know how this quarter compares to last year’s same quarter, how your brokerage is trending for the year, or even the ability to track your rookie agents’ progress. Are you still using filing cabinets and spreadsheets to access important data? It should be simple for you to get current reporting and analytics to run your company. If your back-office can’t give you these reports, that’s a big “YIKES” for efficiency!

Your current back-office doesn’t calculate your commissions effortlessly or effectively.

Your back-office should be able to handle the most complex commission plans such as multi-office entities, different departments / cost centers, and even transaction coordinator groups that should work effortlessly together! If you don’t trust your system enough that you are keeping additional spreadsheets, that is problematic… Whether you pay your agents by check, direct deposit, or via a commission disbursement to deliver to the title company, your back-office system needs to be prepared to handle it all. Don’t make the mistake of using a system that can’t grow with your brokerage!

You don’t have the support you need for assistance with the software, and you know it’s only going to get worse.

Is it tough getting answers for your back-office support questions? That’s a major red flag in any technology-driven space. Software support is a crucial part of customer service! As the access to information gets faster and leaner, it’s imperative for brokerages to achieve faultless performance in real-time. Is your back-office support team reachable by multiple methods? You should be able to contact your vendor by telephone, email, or chat to ensure that your onboarding, training, or general question doesn’t stop productive workflow!

Does your legacy back-office system have any of these red flags? If so, it might be time for an upgrade. Back At You’s easy-to-use, robust solution streamlines your entire back-office, and helps you focus on what really matters: agent productivity, recruiting, retention, office efficiencies, and growth to your bottom line. With FinancialBAY, everything is all in one single place. Multi-company or multi-office? No problem! You can run your reports however you need, to see your transactional data! Instantly reduce your workload and make your business more efficient and profitable with FinancialBAY.

Contact Back At You for a free consultation to see if Back At You’s FinancialBAY is the back-office upgrade you need! Learn More.

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