Eric Trump Disgusted Biden Traveled Home, But His Dad Golfed 19 Times At This Point In Office

Eric Trump shook his head in disgust on Fox News on Sunday over President Joe Biden’s fifth trip to his Delaware home over the weekend since he’s been in office.

“I don’t know where to begin,” he told Maria Bartiromo. “It’s heartbreaking to us. I know how much time and effort my father put into the job.”

In fact, in the first 100 days of his presidency, Donald Trump went on golf outings 19 times (compared with a single time by Barack Obama in the same period of time). “Irony is dead,” quipped Vox journalist Aaron Rupar on Twitter.

How hard Trump worked is also subject to debate. Sources inside the administration told the media while he was in office that the former president often came in late to work at the White House, left early and spent a significant amount of time watching Fox News. The non-working hours were referred to in his schedule as “executive time.”

Trump played golf on his own properties, at taxpayer expense, 289 times during his presidency. The $151.5 million all of his golf trips cost the government is the equivalent of 379 years of presidential salary — which Trump and his supporters frequently boasted he didn’t take.

Another surprise to viewers was that the former president “fixed” the immigration crisis, his son declared. “Illegal immigration was not a problem anymore,” Eric Trump added. He insisted the system was working “perfect” before Biden turned it to “absolute junk.”

Undocumented migration to the U.S. has generally been on the decline for the past two decades, according to Customs and Border Protection data. The number of undocumented migrants apprehended crossing the border jumped to 860,000 during the Trump administration in 2019 — much higher than the peak of fewer than 560,000 apprehensions under Obama in 2009. The numbers are surging again now, which typically happens this season when crossings are easier, but have increased now because of a pent-up push stalled by the pandemic, The Washington Post reported.

Check out Eric Trump’s interview in the video up top. Bartiromo brings up Biden’s trip home to Delaware at 1:35.

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