‘You’ Star Travis Van Winkle Shows Off His Body Transformation Ahead of Season 3

Fans of the compelling drama You might be looking forward to problematically lusting after Penn Badgley’s handsome serial killer protagonist when Season 3 eventually drops on Netflix, but new cast member Travis Van Winkle has just upped the thirst quotient.

The actor (whose prior credits include the first Transformers movie and TNT drama The Last Ship) plays a bio-hacker and fitness entrepreneur, which feels like a perfect addition to a series so committed to satirizing millennial culture and L.A. at large. In order to prepare for the role, Van Winkle set himself a goal: pack on 10 pounds of muscle. And in a recent Instagram photo, he proudly showed off the results of his transformation.

“I just spent 6 months of 5 days a week in my garage gym, one day of cardio per week, a dynamic nutrition plan, ((also, full transparency, a little mini-pump sesh right before this photo + zero water in my body for 24 hours + Carb load pancake breakfast)) and this is where I got to,” he said, adding that at the age of 38, he is in the “best physical shape” of his life.

“I share this, because I have definitely experienced some disappointment when unable to match my physique to the ones I see on ads or on Instagram,” he continued, “but what I’ve learned is when I put the consistent work of a couple hours a day with a solid plan, a fuck-ton of dedication, the willingness to show up when I don’t want to, and an unbreakable ‘why’, I’m very happy with the results.”

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The third season of You will catch up with Joe Goldberg (Badgley) and his equally murderous bride Love Quinn (The Haunting of Bly Manor‘s Victoria Pedretti) as they attempt to put their respective blood-stained pasts behind them and make a fresh start as new parents in the suburbs. Naturally, viewers are expecting these best-laid-plans to end in chaos. While no release date has been confirmed yet, a pandemic-related delay in production means it’s likely that Season 3 will drop in late 2021.

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