What the ‘Love Is Blind’ Creator Learned From Launching a Hit Show in 2020

This article originally appeared in the December 2020 issue of Men’s Health.

CHRIS COELEN is the mastermind behind Netflix’s Love Is Blind, the reality show where singles date and get engaged without having ever met IRL.

The reality show amassed 1.5 million viewers during its first four episodes alone.

Though LIB premiered mid-February, when stay-at-home orders were in full effect for many states, but it wrapped filming late 2018. That’s a twist even Coelen didn’t see coming.


There were some articles that were like, “Oh my god, this is the final nail in the coffin of humanity!” Or, “This is the worst thing ever, but I watched every second of it!” This is the year that the guilty pleasure concept maybe went out the window. It’s like, just a pleasure.

When you feel like you have a ton of momentum going into 2020, and then all of a sudden everything’s stopped, it’s frustrating. Especially if you’re a doer and a fixer.

chris coelen


I think it’s the idea of having acceptance about that and being able to channel your energies, passions, and creativity into the things that you can do.

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It’s very easy to roll out of bed, go to your computer, and be there pretty much all day. Even though it can feel really productive, it’s so important to try to get outside and appreciate the life that’s around you.

From a personal point of view, having my four children and wife around me makes me value, even more so, the time I’m able to spend with them. It does make feel like when—hopefully, knock on wood—we get back to some sort of normalized state, that I’ll be much more conscious of making sure that I’m spending the time with them that they deserve. And that our relationships deserve.

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