Watch This Guy Get Wrecked by The Rock’s Epic ‘Black Adam’ Chest and Triceps Workout

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the swolest men in Hollywood, but he has taken his fitness and nutrition regime to even greater extremes in recent months as he prepares to start filming the long-awaited DC blockbuster Black Adam. Explaining on Instagram that he wants to imbue the comic book character with the right kind of physicality, Johnson has been sharing glimpses of his new routine, which involves grueling leg, shoulder, chest, back and biceps workouts.

Determined to see for himself just how tough this new routine is, Travis S from the Business and Fitness channel on YouTube took on Johnson’s Black Adam diet and workout in a new video—and soon found it’s no joke.

Travis starts the day with half an hour cardio on an empty stomach (his cardio of choice is Peloton), before moving onto a hearty breakfast of steak, eggs and a side of blueberries.

Prior to starting one of Johnson’s training sessions, Travis acknowledges that the actor’s particular workout split and giant sets may not be suitable for people whose fitness goals are a little more standard.

“You have to understand, The Rock is in another league, and he has a specific goal in mind, but for most of us looking to get bigger and stronger, I think there’s a much better way to go about it rather than doing these mega sets, because achieving progressive overload is going to be very challenging to measure when you’re doing something like this,” he says. “It looks cool on paper, you’ll have nice pumps and feel like you’re getting a great workout, but you have to be improving your lifts week after week, and that’s what’s going to really determine how much muscle and strength you’re putting on.”

The first superset workout consists of four rounds of fly, incline dumbbell press, floor press, and dips to failure. “By the time you get to the dips at the end, you’re just burning out,” he says. “Absolutely brutal, my chest is on fire.”

After working his chest and triceps, Travis has The Rock’s go-to post-workout snack, a protein shake and an apple, to tide him over until his next full meal; a protein-rich chilli. Then later on, he indulges in a couple of Johnson’s cheat day staples; pancakes with peanut butter and honey, and cookies which leave him “absolutely stuffed.”

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