Watch Nicolas Cage Fight a Robot Ostrich Because Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

Nicolas Cage has a new movie coming out, Willy’s Wonderland, in which he plays a character known as The Janitor, stranded in a remote town and unable to pay for car repairs. He agrees to spend the night in an abandoned amusement park to clean it up for reopening as payment.

He’s unaware, though, that the titular theme park has a dark past and that at night, the mascots of Willy’s Wonderland come to life and have a thirst for blood, leaving the Janitor facing a fight for survival.

And Digital Spy has an exclusive clip from the film, in which Cage’s character The Janitor comes face-to-face with a killer animatronic ostrich, called Ozzie the Ostrich, armed only with a mop. We still know who we’re banking on to survive.

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Directed by Kevin Lewis, Willy’s Wonderland also stars Emily Tosta as Liv Hawthorne, a teenager with a personal link to the park’s bloody past, and Beth Grant as Sheriff Eloise Lund. The movie was originally titled Wally’s Wonderland and its screenplay–written by G.O. Parsons–was on the BloodList, which compiles the most highly-anticipated genre scripts around.

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“For me, there was always one actor and one actor only who could make this movie work and that actor is Nic Cage,” said Lewis in October 2019 when the movie was announced. “I’m thrilled to be working with him and can’t wait to see him go up against Wally and his gang of psychopathic misfits. I see this movie as Pale Rider vs Killer Klowns from Outer Space.”

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