Watch Chiefs Receiver Tyreek Hill Try Some ‘Ninja Warrior’-Inspired Obstacles

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill’s speed, strength and explosiveness often combine on the field to make him one of the most dangerous and electrifying players to watch. Recently Hill, who finished second in the league last season with 15 receiving touchdowns, decided to see how his elite skillset might translate to a much different arena of competition: The famed Ultimate Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

In his latest YouTube video, Hill visits Ninja Quest Fitness, a gym located in Marietta, Georgia, to take on several parkour-style obstacles inspired by the famously challenging course. Hill doesn’t seem too concerned about how he’ll fare: “You see I’m built, I’ve got the perfect body, I already think I’ve got this,” he says.

After a brief tour from one of the gym’s managers, Hill gets down to business, first with some mid-air leaps between a set of monkey bars, which don’t seem to pose much of a challenge to the 27-year-old Pro Bowler, who compares it to “level one of Mario.”

Next, they move on to one of the Ninja Warrior course’s most iconic obstacles—the warped wall, which the “Cheetah” also scales with ease. For his third challenge, Hill moves on to another monkey bars obstacle, this time hanging from an inverted ladder that sways from side to side as he makes his way across, again without much trouble.

The nearly 30-minute video contains plenty of other surprises—including Hill and his friends attempting fan-favorite obstacles such as the “jumping spider,” the “rumbling dice,” as well as a wide variety of balance beams, climbing walls, and more. Next time, we can only hope he’ll bring along Pat Mahomes.

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