These Expert Martial Artists Recreated Moves from ‘Mortal Kombat X’ in Real Life

If you’ve ever played Mortal Kombat, you’ve likely marveled at the fighter’s moves, assuming they are entirely unrealistic to recreate in real life. But this fierce martial arts pro dares to call these video game moves “easy.”

On the YouTube channel Gamology, martial artist Gemma Nguyen, seven-time world champion and action actress, recently recreated moves from Mortal Kombat X, giving commentary on the practicality and difficulty of each strike. Joined by action actor and martial arts expert Noah Felder, Nguyen performed the moves side-by-side with clips from the game. Basically, Felder and Nguyen are real-life action heroes.

From back handsprings to sliding kicks to a one-handed double kicks, these martial arts pros aren’t playing around. And though they can recreate every move they attempt (and even call some “simple”), Nguyen says the so-called practicality of each move is seriously minimal. The pro fighter mentions how many of the moves involve turning your back on your opponent — and taking your eyes off your opponent while fighting is seriously dangerous business.

Not to mention the women in Mortal Kombat are fighting with knives on their back while in heels. It may look badass, but that’s a recipe for getting injured.

Watch the video for yourself for the full breakdown for Mortal Kombat X, but here’s the gist: When commenting on a Johnny Cage split-and-upper-cut combo, Nguyen sums up every Mortal Kombat move ever: “Super fun and super flashy, but not very practical.”

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