The Cast of Netflix’s ‘Lupin’ Got to Spend a Night in the Louvre Museum

Netflix’s Lupin, the French-language crime series featuring actor Omar Sky, has slowly sneaked its way up the Netflix top ten, becoming perhaps the most popular foreign language series for the streaming service since Spain’s Money Heist. (Despite its more niche following, we still stan Germany’s Dark.)

The series, based on the Arsène Lupin novels by Maurice Leblanc, follows Assane Diop and his criminal (but not always amoral) exploits across Paris. Some locations will be recognizable to non-Parisians, including the Louvre Museum, the setting for the series’ first episode.

In the novels, Lupin appears both in American and France, one of his earliest stories in 1905 featuring Lupin escaping La Santé Prison in Paris. In most adaptations, though (including a 2019 Japanese anime Lupin III: The First), Lupin is set during some period of French history. It makes sense the Netflix series would film in the country. As Lupin actor Omar Sy told Variety: “Lupin is so French that you cannot grow up in France and not know who is Arsène Lupin.”

But did Lupin really shoot on location?

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Where was Lupin filmed?

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Lupin was filmed on the streets in Paris and inside the actual Louvre Museum. The production filmed overnight in Paris’s perhaps most famous site. Sy told Variety that the actors had time to wander parts of the museum. He said he had 20 minutes alone with the Mona Lisa, an experience he will “never forget.”

Of course, the team didn’t actually crash a car through the museum’s skylight, so some scenes of the episode were filmed elsewhere. But the shots of Lupin sweeping the floor and eyeing Marie Antoinette’s necklace—that really was the Louvre.

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