The 43 Best Gifts for Anyone Graduating This Year

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We’re approaching both graduation season and the end of a pandemic, which means you’ll probably be invited to some kind of grad party this year, if you haven’t already—and you definitely can’t show up empty handed. Whether you know a guy graduating high school, college, getting their MBA, or completing nursing school—you’ve got to find a great graduation gift for him that fits the diploma.

But shopping for any type of graduation gift isn’t always easy. It’s more special than any old birthday or holiday, and unfortunately, it usually ends up in a gift card because the thought process is just too intimidating. While gift cards aren’t a terrible idea, we believe (with our help) you can be a little more creative, whether it’s a keepsake gift or a useful graduation gift that’ll prepare him for entering the working world.

We’ve rounded up the best 2021 graduation gifts for him to celebrate the big day and set him up nicely for this exciting new chapter in his life. From personalized, unique graduation gifts he’ll cherish forever to the tech gadgets that make “adulting” more fun, the 43 gift ideas ahead will make his hard-earned achievement feel even more celebratory.

He’s embarking on an entire new chapter of his life, and he deserves something he will love to open, and actually use. Whether you go the practical, comical, or sentimental route, the unique graduation gift ideas ahead will make your life easier upon the RSVP.

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