The 25 Best Apps to Help You Get Fit

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When you get ready for your workout, what are your absolute essentials? Once you’re dressed and ready to go, the next thing you grab probably isn’t gear—it’s more than likely your smartphone. In 2021, the line between digital fitness and real-world experiences is just about non-existent.

As the ways we approach exercise have shifted in the face of changing technology and, more recently, the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic that has shuttered gyms the world over, having a digital training partner has become more commonplace. Whether you’re sweating along to a workout following directions from a coach on the screen, recording your form to review or send to a remote trainer later, or just logging your progress using a simple program, phones are almost as important as dumbbells when it comes to gym equipment. Now, even if you are able to spend time on an actual gym floor, you’ll be far from the only person spending your rest periods double-checking your device.

While lots of people kick it old school and only use their handset for simple features like timers and music streaming, there’s a whole world of fitness features available at your convenience in the app marketplace of your choice. These programs are designed to help you to make the most of your training time, with libraries of helpful content, interactive capabilities, and more. Some apps are free, some will cost you, but they all have the same basic goal: helping you have a great time training to become the strongest, fittest version of yourself.

These smartphone apps all serve a distinct purpose. Some act as a digital trainer, guiding you through new, tough workouts. Others help you to track your activity and diet, giving you new insight to your nutrition. Some just help you chill out. All of the apps are free to download (although many require in-app purchases and subscriptions to unlock all their features), so it’s worth your time to at least give them a shot.

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All / Out Studio

Android, iOS

Sorry to brag, but our own All / Out Studio app just happens to be one of the best streaming fitness apps available.

Choose from a whole library of guided workout programs from us led by some of the world’s best coaches—like Kettlehell, Superhero Shred, and our fitness director’s New Rules of Muscle—along with other programs from our sister brands Women’s Health, Runner’s World, and more.

Apple Fitness+


Apple’s new streaming fitness service made a big splash when it launched at the end of 2020.

Our review found that the app has something to offer just about every exerciser, with streaming classes available in 10 different disciplines, from yoga to strength training to cycling–as long as you have an Apple Watch, of course. Apple product owners can access Fitness+ built into the new Fitness app. Membership starts at $9.99/month or $79.99/year.

Fhitting Room On Demand

iOS, Android

Top boutique fitness gym Fhitting Room rolled out an app to give exercisers a chance to follow along with its HIIT routines at home, in the gym, or anywhere else they choose. After a 14-day trial, the service is $19.99/month or $159.99/year.

To take it to the next level, the brand also offers Fhitting Room Live, a streaming service that allows members to participate in real-time Zoom workouts from home—complete with trainer interaction, form checks, and more (the gym also teamed up with Kettlebell Kings to help its members get the hard-to-track-down implements more easily). Subscribers can access those workouts outside of the app-world, too, so the service isn’t tied to one device.

Variis by Equinox

Android, iOS

Jonesing for a killer spin session? What about a knock-down, drag out boxing workout? This app gives you access to that and more, with on-demand options (and even some live classes) from top fitness brands like SoulCycle, Rumble, PURE Yoga, and more.

While SoulCycle offers a specialized bike for at-home workouts, you don’t need that for much of the content available on the app. All this premium content isn’t cheap, though—membership is $39.99/month.


Android, iOS

If you love group fitness classes, Aaptiv is for you. The audio-only app gives you access to high-level instructors you’d find in a studio setting right on your phone.

You can choose from over 2,500 unique sessions in 12 categories, led by 20 top-level trainers, so you’ll never repeat a workout. All you need is headphones to hear the directions.

adidas Training and Running by Runtastic

Android, iOS

You know adidas, but you might not know Runtastic. The German activewear giant acquired the running and fitness tracking software company back in 2015, but recently rebranded the platform into two different apps, adidas Running and adidas Training.

The running app offers route tracking, a voice coach feature, challenges, and more. The training app gives you bodyweight routines, with guided sessions along with tools to create your own workouts.


Android, iOS

Remember how you used to walk around the gym with a notepad to write down every single exercise? This app can replace that old paper and give it an infusion of smarts.

Track your routines or work from a library of weight training programs, then connect with other users through the app’s social component. You can use a free version for the barebones experience, or pay up to $7 per month for the Elite tier for more content.



If you’re feeling tight after high-octane workouts like CrossFit, you should check out this app to get a good stretch. The daily guided routines are designed to optimize your body’s range of motion (that’s in the name, after all).

ROMWOD isn’t just an app—you can also stream its content on your computer—but iPhone users can access all of the content natively on their device. The library is impressive, but you’ll have to fork over $15 per month.

Fitbit Coach

Android, iOS

You might already wear a Fitbit (and use its handy companion app to help track your vitals and workouts), so it makes sense that the company offers another option to keep you active.

Use the app for guided video and audio workouts, designed for in the gym, home, or outdoors. You can also depend on personalized recommendations based on your tracked fitness data.

Peloton Digital

Android, iOS

Peloton has made a big splash in the home fitness space with its fancy smart hardware—but now you can take part in the company’s streaming group fitness workouts without shelling out a few thousand bucks for its stationary bikes and treadmills.

The app allows you to stream classes in 10 different categories (cycling, running, bootcamp, outdoor, strength, and more) anywhere, with live studio classes uploaded daily to an extant library of over 10,000. It’s not cheap though; you’ll pay $12.99 per month for access.

Asana Rebel

Android, iOS

Add yoga to your fitness routine without ever stepping foot inside a studio. Choose from 5 different styles of workouts, depending on your goals, or add in a mini-session in between your other regimens.

Follow the guided programs to target different muscle groups or hone your flexibility, then track your progress on a workout calendar. Subscription tiers start at $10 per month.


Android, iOS

ClassPass started out as a service that allowed its users to try out just about any type of fitness class they could imagine, but it’s evolved into a fully-fledged digital workout platform.

ClassPass Live now offers subscribers unlimited at-home HIIT workouts, which can be streamed through a Chromecast device directly into your TV set.


Android, iOS

If you’re exercising outside and you want to know exactly where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re about to go, this GPS-powered app from Under Armour is for you.

You can track just about any activity and get feedback and stats about your workout, but that’s not all. Share your routes and stats with friends and on social media, or even use custom training plans to hack your progress.


Android, iOS

Track everything you eat to stay on top of your nutrition with MyFitnessPal. The app is consistently one of the top downloads in the health and fitness category because of its massive database of foods, quick bar scan capabilities, and easy connectivity with other popular apps like MapMyFitness and Fitbit.

Nike Training Club

Android, iOS

You’re probably wearing some Nike gear to the gym — so you can work out with the Swoosh, too. The Nike Training Club app features more than 180 routines from trainers in categories like yoga, strength training, and more.

Train with your bodyweight or a full gym setup, from quick sessions to 45 minute burners. Added bonus: content from Nike athletes and personalities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin Hart, Serena Williams, and more.



If your goal is to get fit, bulk up, or maintain a routine at the gym, then Fitbod is your app.

Fitbod uses artificial intelligence to learn from your past workouts to recommend personalized exercises based on your preferences, struggles, and available gym equipment.


Android, iOS

8fit makes it easy to skip the gym and opt for an at-home program without compromising the quality of your workout.

This app focuses on tabata, a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that alternates between intense exercises to keep your heart rate up and rest periods to keep you going. 8fit not only makes HIIT exercises more accessible, it offers nutritional guides to boost your results as well.


Android, iOS

Finding the perfect route for your long-distance workout can be even more difficult than completing the workout itself. Strava makes this simple.

The app boasts features for athletes, made by athletes. You can challenge yourself by picking routes that athletes near you have curated, then compete head-to-head with them.



We all know that while eating healthy at home is relatively easy, it’s going out to eat that becomes a struggle with maintaining your diet goals. HowUdish aims to make that easier.

The app offers location-based menu suggestions based on your dietary needs, making it an ideal option for avid travelers or foodies.


Android, iOS

Skip out on the gym and all of the equipment that goes along with it with Freeletics. The app aims to offer a digital personal trainer experience through bodyweight HIIT routines, allowing you to workout anytime, anywhere.

User input tweaks the experience, allowing the app to “coach” you by suggesting new methods to improve your technique and approach to your workouts.


Android, iOS

The Mindfulness app offers timed meditation courses that range from three-to thirty-minute sessions with built in reminders and tracking to help you keep going.

Adding meditation to your routine could prove to be the best move you make toward achieving your fitness goals as you improve your focus.


Android, iOS

Pick your own personal trainer with Pear. You can choose from a roster of certified trainers for pre-designed workouts, or create your own plan.

If you connect a wearable, you’ll get even more out of Pear. The app will use the biometrics to give you feedback in real time, including VO2 Max estimates using heart rate data.

Daily Yoga

Android, iOS

Whether you are a beginner or an expert at practicing yoga, Daily Yoga lets you squeeze in a session on any device at any time. This app adds serenity to your life by offering more than 100 yoga classes, personalized data, and even playlists to help you get your “om” on.


Android, iOS

Have a jam-packed schedule? Sworkit allows you to customize your own workouts that can range from 5 to 60 minutes.

The app is friendly for all fitness levels, too, with guided videos from real personal trainers to make sure every move is clearly explained.



ACTIVEx is more than just a build-you-own-HIIT workout app — it’s a community space to get fit. The app allows you to create a “Pack,” a group of likeminded friends committed to following the same exercise plan.

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