The 15 Best Jump Ropes for Your Fitness Goals

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These days, during the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us have had to reconfigure our workout routines to not include the gym. Figuring out how to still get an efficient workout without al the equipment you’re used to has been a challenge…but it’s also forced us to get creative and use equipment you’ve probably neglected for years. (Looking to stock up your home gym? Here are our reccs for the best kettlebells, adjustable dumbbells, treadmill desks, and Peloton-alternative spin bikes.)

And one piece of equipment that you should definitely have for outdoor or indoor workouts is a jump rope. There are many benefits to the practice to skipping rope. (Here’s what happened when this average guy jumped rope every day for 30 days.) But the best part is that you can do it practically anywhere, anytime. Not that you have to do 1,000 jump rope skips every day for a whole month, like this guy did.

But focusing on your cardio will have major benefits for your strength training, too. “Weaving cardio into your strength training program can not only enhance your lifting performance, but also advance every other training goal, including muscle growth and strength development,” Trevor Thieme, C.S.C.S., wrote for Men’s Health. “The reason is that the stronger and more efficient your cardiovascular system is at delivering oxygen and nutrients to working muscles (and clearing metabolic waste away from them), the more power you’ll be able to put into every rep, the more reps you’ll be able to do (thanks to greater fatigue resistance), and the faster you’ll be able to recover between sets and exercises.” You can do that be cutting down rest time when you lift, and adding jump rope intervals to your circuit training. For example, this 15-minute jump rope and weights workout is a quick-hitting strength session.

Ready to start jumping? Here are 15 great jump ropes to try.

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CrossRope Weighted Jump Rope Set

CrossRope brings an extra heft to your jumprope workouts, with a simple clip system that allows you to switch between light (green, a quarter pound) and heavy ropes (white, half a pound). The handles are heavy-duty, too, with extra grip to help you hold on even when you’re sweaty.

There’s also an app available to give you routines to do to get your sweat on. Want a challenge without busting out your phone? Try a workout switching back and forth between the ropes like a dropset.

XYLsports Jump Rope

This basic jump rope has a comfortable grip, quick rope swing, and holds up against the toughest terrain.  

High-quality ball bearings make jumps smooth and protect your wrists and shoulders from strain. Now you can take your workouts just about anywhere and never miss a beat — but just in case you do miss, the cable’s spongy texture is forgiving on your shins.

DEGOL Tangle-Free Jump Rope

This rope is a best seller on Amazon, and for good reason. It has a unique ball bearing system that helps you avoid twisting, winding or bending of the rope. And it’s built to last, made up of a braided steel wire rope that is coated with PVC, so it can handle wear-and-tear if you bring it outside. 

Other features include adjustable length so you can choose to customize it between 6 an 9 feet. And the handles are wrapped in memory foam for optimal grip and comfort.

CyberDyer Weighted Ropeless Jumprope

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like: a jumprope without a rope.  Stick with us for this one. 

The CyberDyer ‘rope’ uses weighted handles with short leads attached to mimic the feel of skipping with a real rope without actually needing to swing one around. The concept sounds weird, but the low-impact tool could give people who don’t have a ton of room to work with a good alternative on the days they want to get their heart rate bumping. Even if you won’t build the same type of coordination you would with an actual rope, you’ll never need to worry about tripping yourself up. 

Survival and Cross Jump Rope

Friends don’t let friends skip using unbalanced kid’s toys—when you’re ready for a real workout, you level up to something like this  Survival and Cross rope. This lightweight, affordable jump rope is great for boxing and MMA fitness training, or just to switch up your cardio routine. 

The cord is easy to adjust for the right fit and small enough to take on the go without getting tangled in your bag. Whether you’re tall or short, this rope will get the job done. 

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

This solid option is made for the quick spins and heavy usage needed for the toughest CrossFitters. Sturdy handles and a four-bearing connection help to keep the rope stable. 

The length is adjustable, so you can snip it for perfect performance tailored to your needs. Beat it up all you want—WOD Nation also offers a lifetime guarantee.

Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope

If you thought jump rope was child’s play, you haven’t taken the Sonic Boom M2 for a spin. 

The silicone, anti-slip grips stay comfortably in your hand as you skip up a sweat while the two adjustable, 10-foot cables help you find the sweet-spot length to hit your goals. The patent-pending ball bearing system and weight-balanced handles make this a great rope whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned skipper.

RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope

If improving strength and burning fat is your goal, a heavy rope like the Ropefit is the way to go. This heavy-duty cable is designed to help you torch up to 1,000 calories an hour and shed pounds faster. Your weight loss goals will feel much closer whipping this eight-pound beast over your head—that’s like skipping with a gallon of milk attached to a regular rope. 

RopeFit is made with a rugged Poly Dacron cable, the same material used in many battle ropes you see at the gym. You can choose from 1.5’’ and 2’’ thickness cables in two length options to suit your workout needs. 

Tangram Smart Rope



Jumping and counting at the same time is so yesterday thanks to this high-tech jump rope. Built-in LED lights display your number of jumps creating the illusion that the digits are floating in mid-air. It’s just the right amount of distraction to make you forget how much pain you’re in. But hey, no pain, no gain, right?Like many smart-fitness devices, the rope can sync with your mobile device via the compatible app, which tracks reps, calories, burned, and even lets you compete in jump-offs with your friends. One-time sync stores up to 100 sets of fitness stats. And the rope comes in four fun colors to choose from—black, gold, silver, and red.

CHICHEN Adjustable Jump Rope

This affordable jump rope is a great option if you plan to share the rope with your family. It’s an adjustable rope that can be extended out to a maximum of 10 feet, and shortened easily. It also boasts unique handles perfect for super sweaty workout sessions. Each  handle has four air vents for better grip.

Plus, this rope also comes with a convenient carrying case, perfect for an on-the-go workout. And it comes in three colors: black, blue and red. 

Ziyue Weighted Jump Rope

This weighted jump rope is perfect for speed work. It is engineered with high carbon steel speed ball bearings for efficient rope acceleration, making the rope stable as you up your reps. The rope is made of durable steel wire wrapped in PVC. You can also easily adjust the rope’s length, and it comes in 7 colors.

Rike Gear Premium Speed Jump Rope

Made in the USA, this adjustable 9 foot jump rope comes with unique wooden handles for a slip-free grip. And those handles are uniqely attached to the rope with free flowing fittings to prevent knots and a smooth momentum. It also comes in 4 different color combinations of orange and black, and also includes a compact velvet carrying pouch for easy transport. And bonus: this rope also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Buddy Lee Rope Master Jump Rope


The Super Sonic Jumprope from Buddy Lee comes with an O-ring swivel that makes it virtually impossible to tangle. It’s intentionally designed to help you achieve double, triple and quadruple unders with ease.

Epitomie Fitness High Speed Jump Rope

Epitomie Fitness

This Epitomie Fitness rope was designed with speed in mind. It has 
360-degree ball bearings for faster rotation and smooth spinning as you jump, as well as anti-slip silicone grips.

It also comes with 2 adjustable, 10 foot polymer-coated speed cables so you can get the exact length you need for your height and jumping goals.

Proud Panda Heavy Jump Rope

If you’re thinking these look like battle ropes, you’re not far off. These Proud Panda jump ropes are designed with a three-strand-thick exercise durable polymer synthetic fiber that makes them super durable and heavy (it weighs between 3 to 3.5 pounds) to help you build up not only endurance, but muscle.

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