The 13 Best Penis Rings for Stronger Erections and Orgasms


Cock rings, or penis rings, are the little sex toys that could, so we get why you’re curious about buying one! They’re bands that fit around the base of your shaft (and sometimes your testicles, too), and besides bringing an element of kinkiness to the equation, they can also help with your sexual performance.

“The main benefit of cock rings is that they help with maintaining erections by preventing the blood from leaving the erectile tissues in the penis, making erections longer and stronger,” says Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, Ph.D., NYU professor of Human Sexuality and a sexpert for LELO. “This can lead to longer and more satisfying sex sessions and can also relieve feelings of performance anxiety some penis-owners might have about their erections.”

Some penis rings also vibrate, including LELO’s Tor 2, which you’ll find on this list of our favorite cock rings on the market. Vibrating cock rings “have the added benefit of increasing pleasure for both the wearer and their partner (especially partners with vulvas),” Vrangalova says.

There are various kinds of cock rings to choose from, including adjustable, stretchy, and solid varieties. “I’d suggest beginners start with a soft and stretchy type of cock ring (rather than a metal one), as they are easy to put on and remove, and there is much less risk of damage due to improper fit, getting stuck, or leaving it on for too long,” Vrangalova advises. “Use a size that fits snuggly when erect, but is not painful or uncomfortable.”

As for knowing whether your penis ring fits correctly? “It should stay on and help maintain the erection but shouldn’t hurt,” she says. “I’d recommend putting the ring on when the penis is semi erect and using lube to make it slide on easier.”

We rounded up the 13 best cock rings on the market.

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Vibrating Silicone Ring



This cock ring is one of the biggest bangs for your buck. It has incredibly strong vibrations, fits snugly, charges easily, and is made of high-quality silicone. Frankly, we’re surprised this ring doesn’t cost a lot more.  

Donut Cock Ring Multipack



Why get one when you could get three? These best-selling cock rings from Lovehoney can be worn individually—or, you can play around with wearing one around your penis, one around your penis and testicles, and one just around your testicles. There are so many combinations to choose from! 

Snug & Tug

B-Vibe is the king of anal sex toys, so it’s great that they created a product that combines their anal products with a cock ring, allowing for the stimulation of multiple erogenous zones

Double Lasso Two Silver Beads Silicone Black Cock Ring

PH International


If you like to have an easy escape route, an adjustable cock ring might be the toy for you. This one has two loops: one for your shaft and another for your testicles.

Bond App-Controlled Vibrating Cock Ring



This adjustable vibrating cock ring comes with a remote control if your partner wants to take the reins from across the room. It also hooks up to the We-Connect app, if they want to take the reins from across the world.

Tor 2

The Tor 2 has strong vibrations, it fits snugly, and the bulbous head can really stimulate your partner’s clitoris. It’s on the pricier side, but you’ll get great quality and longevity from this cock ring. 

Disposable Vibrating Cock Ring

Screaming O


This cock ring from Screaming O is ideal for someone who’s never tried a cock ring and wants to see if they’d enjoy it before shelling out for a pricier one. 

Charged Big O Ring

Screaming O


Screaming O has been selling cock rings for 15 years. The Charged Ring Big O ring is reusable and great quality for the price. 

Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring



This Lovehoney cock ring has five vibrating functions. It actually has two rings: one you put around the base of your penis, and the other goes behind your testicles. 

Rechargeable Double Cock Ring



This is another double cock ring from Lovehoney. The different shaped head contains raised bumps that allows for greater clitoral stimulation during sex.  

Cock and Ball Sling With Ball Divider



It doesn’t vibrate, but this cock ring offers solid testicle stimulation by splitting them on two sides of a divider. 

Adjustable Stamina Cock Ring

Bondage Boutique


If bondage turns you on, this cock ring is definitely your style. The skinnier loop goes around your shaft, and the thicker one fastens around your shaft and testicles.

Father of Pearl

King Rings


Men’s Health sex columnist Zachary Zane reviewed this mega-expensive cock ring here, and had this to say: “Psychologically, there’s something strangely arousing about knowing you have a beautiful, outrageously priced jewel around your own crowned jewels. It makes you feel like a goddamn king, which is probably why these beauties are called King Rings.”

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