Lindsay Lohan Spoofs Her Wild Past in Planet Fitness Super Bowl Ad

Anyone who was around in the late ’00s and early ’10s will be familiar with the high-profile ups and downs of Lindsay Lohan, and remember that there was no shortage of jokes to be made at the former child star’s expense. Now, however, the actress is making those jokes herself.

In a new Super Bowl commercial for Planet Fitness, titled ‘What’s Gotten Into Lindsay?’, the Mean Girls star appears to have turned over a new leaf, and flips the script on some of her most infamous tabloid moments, while at the same time highlighting some of the perks of getting regular exercise, including increased mental alertness, improved sleep, and just generally having more energy.

In the case of Lindsay Lohan, this means: a winning streak on the game show Jeopardy!; choosing to stay home for an early night instead of her old Friday night pastime of clashing with the paparazzi outside of a nightclub; and starting a side hustle making bedazzled ankle tags in a cheeky nod to her legal struggles.

The ad shows Lohan working out on a treadmill in a “judgement free zone,” something from which troubled celebrities and first-time gymgoers can both benefit. The TV spot, due to air at half time during tonight’s Super Bowl LVI game between the Cincinatti Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams, also features appearances from basketball legend Dennis Rodman (who gets a callback to his own gossip-page-baiting antics in the ’90s), actor Danny Trejo, and Star Trek star (and recent real-life astronaut) William Shatner, who provides narration for the commercial.

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