Here’s What Fans Can Expect From ‘The Masked Dancer’

Back in January 2019, Fox decided to introduce its viewers to a whole new kind of game show: The Masked Singer. The idea was to have a bunch of celebrities dress up in elaborate costumes, have them some of today’s most recognizable hit songs, and host a panel of judges to uncover their identities through series of clues. Simple enough.

But after four seasons, the producers of the massively popular series decided to up the ante. With their newest show, The Masked Dancer, it gives you all the things you loved about its singing sister show, but with a twist. Instead of using vocals to identify the celeb, now it’s all about busting a move.

Before the show premieres, here’s a little more info about the upcoming show:

What is The Masked Dancer about?

The idea initially started off as a spoof on The Ellen DeGeneres Show back when The Masked Singer was in its first season. Ellen DeGeneres would attempt to figure out exactly which of her celebrity guests was dancing in disguise to her audience. After the routine was finished, the duo would then take guesses on who it is.

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About a year later (and a discovery of the spoof from Fox’s President of Alternative Entertainment & Specials, Rob Wade), DeGeneres announced she would be producing a full-series version of her dancing segment. The show is expecting its celebrity contestants to “perform unique dances.” And before you start saying how easy it will be to identify the celeb via their voices—those will be altered as well.

“This is going to be just as fun and suspenseful as The Masked Singer,” DeGeneres announced in an official statement back in January 2020. “I cannot wait!”

When will The Masked Dancer premiere?

Get your DVRs ready—The Masked Dancer is premiering on December 27th, just in time for the holidays.

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Who’s going to make up the judging panel on The Masked Dancer?

Well, good news for The Masked Singer fans, because fan-favorite Ken Jeong is going to be on the panel of judges when the show premieres. Former American Idol judge Paula Abdul, Beverly Hills, 90210 star Brian Austin Green, and High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale will join him as well.

They’ll also be joined by Office star Craig Robinson, who will host the series.

How can I watch or stream The Masked Dancer when it airs?

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The show will be streaming on the network’s site live, and it will also be available on its iPhone and Android apps.

You can always watch it on Hulu the next day or on other various streaming platforms, such as Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Xbox or Kindle Fire.

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