Everlane’s Top-Rated Face Masks Are on Sale Right Now

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It’s become a part of your routine to never leave the house without your keys, wallet, phone, and now, a face mask, even as we’re starting to see a light to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic tunnel. And by now, we all know that wearing the wrong type of mask feels stuffy, claustrophobic, and just plain annoying. That’s why it’s key to find a comfortable, breathable face mask to happily live your life while following The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines. However, trying and testing a bunch of face masks can cost you big time. Thankfully, one of the best face masks on the market is on sale right now.

Everlane’s The 100% Human face mask has over 500 near perfect reviews, and for a limited-time only, the top-rated face covering is over 50% cheaper! You can score a 5-pack for just $12, or a 3-pack for just $9. Not only are they reusable and machine washable (made from 100% cotton), but they are perfectly constructed for a snug-yet-comfortable fit. The most common comment in the reviews refers to how comfortable they fit around your ears. One reviewer even wrote, “I work at a grocery store and need to wear masks for 8 hours at a time. These are perfect! The ear bands don’t pull and cause soreness like a lot of elastic options.”

This isn’t the type of mask you’ll ever need to pull down to breath or have to constantly adjust. In fact, you’ll even forget you’re wearing it.

On top of the five-star quality and discounted price, this face mask is also a part of the brand’s “100% Human For 100% Human Rights” campaign. For every product sold, they donate 10% to the ACLU, which fights to protect our fundamental freedoms.

Hurry and check out this incredible del before it’s gone.

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