An Average Guy Shared the Simple Routine That’s Helped Him Drop 12 Pounds

In his most recent video, YouTuber Craig Benzine, a.k.a. WheezyWaiter, provided an update on his weight loss progress, and broke down the changes he has made to his lifestyle on a day-to-day basis which have helped him to lose 12 pounds over the last couple of months, including intermittent fasting, keeping close count of his daily calories, exercising every day, limiting his alcohol intake, and avoiding sugar-heavy foods.

While these were all things he had tried in order to lose weight in the past, he found that the unique circumstances of this year—i.e. living in lockdown where every day feels the same—helped him build the habit and maintain more consistency than he had ever managed before.

Craig wakes up at the same time every day and weighs himself. He doesn’t eat until 10 or 11 a.m., but he does allow himself coffee before then. He initially adopted intermittent fasting as part of a challenge for a YouTube video, and ate all of his daily meals in an 8-hour window between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Since then, he has found it fits his lifestyle quite well, although he isn’t quite as strict with it. “After doing it for a long time, I generally don’t get hungry until around 10 or 11,” he says.

He’s currently eating at a slight calorie deficit, aiming to consume up to 2,000 each day instead of the 2,500 that would be required to maintain his prior weight. Craig eats the same breakfast every morning; eggs, black beans, with an apple and peanut butter. “Basically, eat a lot of protein-y things early in the day because it’ll make you feel full for longer.” After that, it’s time for a workout followed by a run—usually between 3 and 5 miles.

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Craig follows his exercise with a small lunch, and then a light snack later in the afternoon, ensuring it’s something that will make him feel full, and isn’t packed with sugar, and remembering to track his calories. In the evenings, he’ll eat a hearty, protein-rich dinner with plenty of vegetables, and often allow himself a treat or snack, as long as it falls within his calorie count.

“I’m feeling generally healthier than perhaps ever in my life,” he says.

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