45 Gifts the Teenage Boy in Your Family Will Actually Want (and Use)

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Let’s be honest: Teens are the hardest people to shop for on any gifting list. As an out-of-touch adult (face it, that’s exactly what you are), thinking up unique gift ideas for teenage boys is just a lesson in not being young and trendy anymore. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can, in fact, still hang out with the cool kids—at least when it comes to gifting.

Though finding the perfect gift is always hard, there are actually cool gifts for teenagers all across the internet—and, yes, that includes gifts for teenage boys, who are arguably the most difficult demographic to please. You just need to know what to look for as a gift giver—and this list is a great place to start.

From products that have TikTok talking to top-rated video game gifts, this gift list has anything and everything a hard-to-please teen could ever want—even if they won’t actually tell you what they want. And don’t worry if you have an athletic or fashion-forward teen on your list. There’s plenty on here for them too.

When you get down to it, the best gifts for teenage boys are often techy, trendy, and actually useful. So forget the gimmicky gifts, boring ol’ socks, and lackluster gift cards. Whether you’re looking for inexpensive gifts for teenage boys or splurge-worthy finds that will make their jaw drop, check out these 46 gifts that will actually impress.

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Best Camping Gift

Knit Cuffed Beanie

Keeping warm may be the least cool thing for any teenager. But this trending Carhartt beanie makes bundling up a little more appealing for Gen Zers.

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Luma 150 Ultra Mini Pocket Pico Projector

Projectors are having a moment in teen life, thanks to TikTok. This pocket-sized option packs some serious power, offering a 40″ to 80″ display in crisp detail. The Kodak Luma 75 Pocket Projector connects to gaming consoles, computers, cable boxes, and HDMI players to project anything and everything you can imagine.

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Best for Gamers

Neon Sign

If there’s a gamer on your list, this controller-shaped LED sign will brighten up their space and get all their friends talking. And the price tag ain’t bad either.

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Best Toy Gift

Rechargeable Laser Tag

Come on, who doesn’t love a game of laser tag? This highly-rated light-up set will keep them occupied for hours—and there won’t be foam darts all over the house.

Best Bedroom Upgrade

Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip

Every teen room this decade has one thing in common: LED lights. These lights by Phillips Hue are top quality, effortlessly beating out those flimsy knockoffs that break in seconds.

Best Fitness Gift

Powercore Dual Bag and Stand

Help them get out all that teen angst with this Everlast bag set-up. With adjustable height and two bags, this thing is a beast—and hella durable.

Champion has made the comeback of the century, now emerging as one of the hottest athletic brands for teens. This comfy sweatshirt will be in top rotation in their closet.

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Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Coming in several colors, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon for its durability, portability, and overall sound quality. It’s perfect for singing in the shower—even if they don’t actually admit they sing in the shower.

Levitating Shoe Display Floating Sneaker Stand

If you have a sneakerhead teen on your list, this floating display lets them show off their favorite pair of kicks with straight-up sorcery.

In a world where you can have literally thousands of photos on your camera roll, the option to take a photo that feels more finite is a welcome one. This under-$100 mini Polaroid camera has everything you love about the iconic brand—only smaller.

Class of ’98: Mystery Killer Box Set

Hunt A Killer is an at-home murder mystery game perfect for any true crime lover. With actual physical evidence and complex clues to decode, each box includes six “episodes” that are challenging and tricky—in the best way.

As far as a gaming PC goes, this one by Alienware is inexpensive and highly-rated. With fast response time and a vivid display, it’s perfect for any gaming teen.

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PopMount 2 Flex TikTok Teal Swirl

For the passionate TikToker on your list, grab a PopSockets PopMount that will steady all their videos. The flexible arms can grip to literally anything, making it perfect for on-the-go filming.

Know a teen who loses literally everything? Of course you do. These Tile buttons stick to anything, helping that forgetful teen find everything from their phone to the TV remote to their keys.

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AirPods are the ultimate gift for any tech-savvy teen. Even if you think they already have a pair, chances are they aren’t telling anyone they actually lost an earbud somewhere in school.

Air Force 1’s are the top sneaker trend for teens—and have been for a while. With a neutral color and classic style, these all-white kicks will be their new go-to.

DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

With 1,000 sports-based questions and fun mini-games, ESPN’s Trivia Night card game will actually get them off their phone for a full hour.

Studio3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

For the music buff, these Beats by Dr. Dre headphones will transform the way they listen to music. With noise-canceling qualities and a sleek design, these headphones will let them tune out the world—even more than they already do.

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Stockwell II Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall is known for making the best speakers in the business, and this Bluetooth option is no exception. With a classic design and booming sound, this speaker produces crisp audio even at the highest settings. Even parents will be impressed through their bass-induced migraine.

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BlissLights Sky Lite projects a galaxy in any room, which is basically the coolest thing ever. As a best-selling product on Amazon with more than 46,000 reviews, this projector is also a TikTok favorite.

Zed Pintail 41″ Longboard Skateboard

While rollerskates are still one of the top gifts for teen girls, longboards are now one of the top gifts for teen boys. This $70 option will get them started on their longboard journey—just maybe also get a helmet.

Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player

Scoop up a vintage-inspired record player for them to spin some vinyls on. Pick up a modern record of their favorite artist while you’re at it for an extra treat.

Sure, this gift is a little gimmicky. But it also is moderately genius. Keeping a burrito warm and intact until lunch? Yes, please.

White & Color Ambiance Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb, 2 Pack

Let them control the ~vibe~ of their room with these sick Phillips Hue color-changing bulbs. You just made their TikToks 10 times cooler.

X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset

Logitech’s Pro X Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Headset is top-of-the-line, comfortable, and highly rated. With a padded design and noise-filtering technology, this headset is any wannabe streamer’s dream.

A pair of joggers is a safe bet for any teen—and for good reason. Who doesn’t love to be comfy in loungewear, especially by Nike?

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No matter who you are shopping for, no one will ever turn down an Apple Watch—especially the new Series 7. Whether they use it as a fitness tracker or to sneak text messages in school, they are guaranteed to love it.

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HERO9 Streaming Action Camera

As one of the latest GoPro models, the HERO9 Steaming Action Camera is water-resistant, voice-controlled, and highly rated. Plus, the crisp picture is unparalleled.

Laptops can be bulky, yet phones can be too small. Sometimes, an iPad is just right. The iPad Air is especially thin, adaptable, and desirable for techy and not-so-techy teens. Sure, it’s another splurge—but they’ll actually put it to use.

PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera

As one of the most sought-after vlogging cameras on the market, Cannon’s PowerShot G7 X Mark II Digital Camera is perfect for the budding YouTuber on your list. Just be prepared to have your every move documented.

Fanny packs are actually stylish now—but only when strapped across the chest. The teen on your list already knows this truth, and will appreciate this sick style by Herschel in any of the 25 colors and patterns.

Unisex Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Aviators are such a classic—even the president loves them. Treat the teen in your life to a pair that they can wear for literal years and still look cool as hell.

CATCH:3 Wireless Charging Tray

This sleek, wireless charging dock powers up phones, watches, wireless earphones, and other electronics all while holding other everyday essentials in a neighboring tray. Now the teen on your list has no excuse for losing a wallet, phone, or car keys in the morning.

For an athletic teen on your list, help them actually breathe while working out with Under Armour’s ultimate athletic mask. Masks are frankly here to stay—and this one is a gift they’ll actually use and value.

For a meaningful gift to give the teenage boy in your family, The Shift by Kumuso is a small necklace that helps facilitate breathing exercises. To use, you simply breathe in normally and breathe out through the tube-shaped charm, which slows your exhale. For a teen who struggles with anxiety, this gift will be a game-changer.

Graphic tees are forever a teen staple, especially vintage-inspired tees. Whether you hit the thrift store for something authentic or pick up a vintage-inspired tee from Urban Outfitters, they’ll actually wear it.

When the weather heats way up or cools way down, the worst thing in the world is getting into your car. Help the new driver out with a top-rated remote car starter that will make the trip to school so much better.

Got an aspiring DJ on your hands? This compact turntable lets them master the art of mixing. Just maybe write an apology card to their parents…

Let’s be real, a PlayStation 5 is still hard to find in stock. But if you can somehow get your hands on one, you’ll crush the gift-giving game.

Jordans are a classic for your teen years, yet still super trendy amongst teens. Scoop up a pair they can wear with anything—or get a little wild with a funky colorway.

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Help them rep their favorite team with a Champ Chest from Cratejoy. The box includes five to ten pieces of gear with a value of over $110. What a bargain.

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Sure, you never knew you needed a light-up—and color-changing—toilet seat until now. Neither did the teen you are shopping for—until they opened your gift.

Hub Max Smart Display with Google Assistant

The Google Nest Hub is arguably the most teen-friendly virtual assistant on the market. Not only does it allow video calling, but it also searches and plays YouTube videos with ease, thanks to Alphabet owning both companies. Plus, the device still has all the features of any virtual assistant you’re used to.

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