Shailene Woodley and Her Fiancé Aaron Rodgers Had a Romantic, Low-Key Valentine’s Day in Montreal

Aaron Rodgers quietly went to great lengths to spend Valentine’s Day with his fiancée,8 Shailene Woodley, E! reports. The Green Bay Packers quarterback traveled abroad to Canada and spent two weeks quarantining there just to be with Woodley for their first V-Day.

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Woodley is currently shooting the upcoming film Misanthrope in Montreal. A source explained to E!, “Aaron spent the last two weeks in Montreal with Shailene where she is filming. He was quarantined at her place, but they spent time together when she wasn’t on set.”

“They had no problem staying in, ordering food and not going anywhere,” the source added. “They spent Valentine’s Day morning together and then Aaron left town on his own and headed back to the states.”

Rodgers and Woodley have been privately dating for the past several months, although their exact start date has not been specified. Their relationship likely began in the late summer or early fall since Woodley said she was single in April 2020, and Rodgers’ two-year relationship with his Danica Patrick ended in July 2020.

A source close to Rodgers told People last week that Rodgers’ friends didn’t think his relationship with Woodley was as serious as it ended up being at first.

“It was a surprise that they got so close so quickly,” the source said. “I mean, it really felt like one day he was with Danica Patrick, and then suddenly he was with Shailene. It happened super fast.”

“It was so fast that at first, we thought she was just a rebound,” the source added. “There was no way this could be so serious. Everyone thought it was a casual thing because that’s what he was telling everyone, even when it was clearly not a casual thing.”

A source told E! that Woodley and Rodgers have been quietly living together for the last couple months. “They have spent the entire fall together and lived together throughout,” the source said. “She is very supportive of his career and embraced his life in Green Bay. Even though she has her own career and life, she wanted to be there with him. Over the next year, they plan to spend some time traveling and enjoying a warmer climate.”

That source added that their connection was “intense,” hence the fast engagement. They can’t wait to get married and they want it to happen soon,” the source said. “They had a very intense connection from the beginning. They both knew early on that it was something special and different from what they had experienced in other relationships. It’s a quick engagement, but for those that know them, it didn’t come as a surprise.”

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