Jennifer Lopez Wore an Ab-Baring Louis Vuitton Crop Top and Long Houndstooth Coat to the Super Bowl

Given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this year’s Super Bowl had far fewer guests and far fewer celebrities attending. But last year’s halftime performer Jennifer Lopez returned to the game with her fiancé Alex Rodriguez for a masked-up date night. The couple, who have been staying in Florida, arrived last night dressed in matching black and white ensembles.

Rodriguez paired his white suit with a black mask. Lopez, meanwhile, wore a gray mask with a long black houndstooth coat (different from the houndstooth coat she wore ahead of her inauguration performance last month), black platform boots, and Louis Vuitton’s $1,100 white sporty monogram crop top. She appears to wear the brand’s matching $1,020 monogram cycling shorts with it.


J.Lo posted a selfie of herself flashing the top on her Instagram Story. Her abs were on full display.

jennifer lopez in her super bowl outfit


Lopez sang at the Super Bowl last year and spoke to ELLE for its February 2021 issue about her decision to send a bigger message about the treatment of Latinos in America during her performance. “It was super important to me, knowing that I was going to have such a big stage, a big audience, to really say some things about what was going on in this country with Latinos: people in cages, and moms and daughters being ripped apart from one another,” Lopez started.

“The idea of using the song ‘Let’s Get Loud’ [was about] never staying quiet and always using your voice against any injustices in this world,” she continued. “I feel like sometimes people act like it’s not our country, too. It was very important to me to put in ‘Born in the U.S.A.’ and have my daughter [Emme, then 11] sing it, because she was [born here] and I was, too. My mom came here. She was not born here; she was born in Puerto Rico, and [my parents] moved to New York. We are proud Puerto Ricans and Latinos, but we’re proud Americans, too. ”

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