Harry Styles Gives Us the 2021 We Want in ‘Treat People With Kindness’ Music Video

Harry Styles is ringing in 2021 with a new video for his Fine Line song “Treat People With Kindness.” And, as an added bonus, Fleabag‘s Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the star of the video, as is her incredible white suit.

The video, which is shot in black and white, features Waller-Bridge, who’s attending a very post-pandemic party at a nightclub. She floats through the crowd with a cocktail in hand. Then, she and Styles, in matching sparkly sweaters, dance together onstage in a choreographed number that would seriously knock the socks off of any talent-show judge. In this dance, there are some Charleston vibes, as well as a very good assisted cartwheel and lift.

Watch it in full here:

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The video encapsulates the kind of night we all wish we could have has last night as we welcomed in the new year and threw 2020 in the garbage bin, lit a match, and walked away. Everyone in this scene looks happy, they’re dressed up in clothes that aren’t sweatpants, they’re mask-less, and they’re dancing together.

This is exactly the kind of future we’d all like to see as 2021 welcomes a vaccine and hopefully a heck of a lot more compassion and empathy. The lyrics are:

Maybe we can / Find a place to feel good / And we can treat people with kindness
Find a place to feel goodI got a good feeling / I’m just takin’ it all in
/ Floating up and dreamin’ / Droppin’ into the deep endAnd if we’re here long enough / They’ll sing a song for us (ah-ah-ah-ah) / And we’ll belong / Giving second chances
/ I don’t need all the answers / Feeling good in my skin / I just keep on dancin’ / And if we’re here long enough / We’ll see it’s all for us / And we’ll belong

Styles released Fine Line on December 13, and he personally described the majority of the songs as being about “having sex and feeling sad.” This one, however, seems to take a refreshingly different, happier route.

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