Gigi Hadid Reveals the Two Handmade Gifts Taylor Swift Sent Baby Khai

Gigi Hadid spoke at length about her life as a new mother in her Vogue interview released yesterday, discussing her home birth and how she plans to raise her and Zayn Malik’s daughter Khai in Pennsylvania. Another little detail Hadid offered in the midst of everything else: What exactly her good friend Taylor Swift sent baby Khai. It was more than just the blanket Hadid posted on her Instagram Story in September.

Swift sent Hadid a teddy bear she sewed out of one of her own dresses. “It’s misshapen, and she called it Ugly Bear,” Hadid told Vogue. “She had one when she was little.”

Hadid hasn’t shared a photo of the “Ugly Bear” yet, nor did she offer any more details about what the bear looks like in the interview. But Hadid did post a picture of the pink blanket that “auntie” Swift gifted Khai shortly after Khai’s birth in late September.

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Hadid and Swift have been friends since 2014. Hadid recently shared on Twitter that Swift played a big role early in her pregnancy too. When Hadid first learned she was pregnant one year ago, Hadid was in Europe for European fashion month. When she went to London for London Fashion Week, Swift was there to help her with her nausea and early pregnancy cravings.

Hadid wrote that what food she craved varied. “It went it waves. Everything bagels/ extra cream cheese, triple chunk brownies for breakfast- sourdough toast & tomato olive oil salad w lots of salt and pepper lol … and Z’s ribs w fries. Random,” she wrote. Then she added, “Also arugula salads !!! But during fashion month in Europe it was hard to find bagels so I ate mostly bread & Dutch cheese (except for in London, Taylor gave me bagels). Backstage at Burberry was the hardest day with the nausea, I remember.” The Burberry show in London was on February 17.

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Hadid opened up a little about her and Swift’s friendship on Swift’s 30th birthday in 2019. “My T ! 💛” Hadid wrote. “An old soul celebrating 30 years here … and what a phenomenon you are. It’s rare someone can be inimitable yet still make hearts feel at home with innate generosity. I love you and can’t wait to celebrate you sister !!!! HAPPY BDAY🍾🍾🍾🧁🧁 @taylorswift”

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