28 Stylish, Affordable Watches That’ll Be On Your Wrist in 2 Days

Want to brush up on your terminology and find your next dream timepiece? Don’t miss GQ’s ultimate guide to watches for men.

Some watches are earned—immaculate heirlooms you spend years saving for, or inherit, or blow your bonus on. These watches, the best watches for men on Amazon, are not those. Which is no shade. There’s a lot to like about a good ol’ Amazon-sourced watch. The 28 we’ve found are trustworthy, deceptively handsome timepieces that’ll top off your fits and look good on your wrist without burying you in debt. 

In turning up 28 of the best men’s watches on Amazon, we’ve got something for everyone, no matter your timepiece preference: a diver with serious water resistance, something dressy to elevate a suit, or a non-dorky digital watch you can wear to work. And these aren’t weirdo brands with too many consonants and not enough vowels in the name (we see you, Amazon). These are watch brands you can trust: Seiko, Timex, Casio, Hamilton. Most of the 28 watch picks are under $100. A bunch are under $50. Hell, one Casio in particular is on sale for $15. Add one—or two!—to your cart alongside a six-pack of tube socks, a cast iron skillet, and that Star Trek Blu-Ray box set you’ve been eyeing, and you’ll have yourself some fresh wristwear in a couple days. 

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