Tracy Chapman makes rare TV appearance to urge voting

The four-time Grammy winner rarely appears on television. Her election eve performance was a moving, solo, acoustic rendition and according to social media, just what many people needed.

The 1998 single appeared on the singer-songwriter’s debut, self-titled album.

In the tune, Chapman sings “Don’t you know/They’re talkin’ ’bout a revolution/It sounds like a whisper.”

“Poor people gonna rise up/And get their share,” Chapman sings. “Poor people gonna rise up/And take what’s theirs.”

At the end of her late-night appearance, Chapman changed the lyrics to sing “Talkin’ bout a revolution/Go Vote” before stepping away from the microphone to reveal a small sign which read, “Vote.”

Though Chapman has mostly shunned the spotlight, she has publicly advocated for voting in the past.

She performed as part of the Vote For Change tour presented by MoveOn.org in 2004 to encourage people to register and vote in some swing states.

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