Robert Durst Convicted of Murdering His Friend Susan Berman

Robert Durst, the New York real estate heir, was convicted on Friday of murdering his friend, Susan Berman, more than 20 years ago.

Durst, 78, was accused of murdering Berman to keep her from talking to authorities about the death of his first wife, Kathie, whose body has never been discovered.

Berman was found dead in her home in December 2000, after authorities were alerted by a letter to the presence of a “cadaver” at the address. Durst admitted in testimony at trial to writing the letter, but denied responsibility for Berman’s death.

The case was unsolved for many years, but was revived after the 2015 release of the HBO documentary “The Jinx.” The six-part series covered Durst’s connection to three deaths: Berman, Kathie McCormack Durst, and Morris Black. Durst was never charged in connection with his wife’s death, and was acquitted in the death of Black, though he admitted dismembering Black’s body.

“The Jinx” famously ended with Durst apparently confessing to the crimes, muttering while believing himself to be off-mic: “I killed them all, of course.”

He was arrested shortly after the final episode aired, and charged by Los Angeles prosecutors in Berman’s death.

The trial was suspended for 14 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jurors deliberated for three days before reaching the verdict, finding him guilty of first-degree murder. He faces life in prison without parole at sentencing.

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