Matt Long Confirms He Will Return for ‘Manifest’ Season 4

Matt Long, who plays Zeke Landon on “Manifest,” has confirmed that he will return for the fourth and final season of the show on Netflix. He confirmed the news during the Sept. 12 Creative Arts Emmys, where he was asked about the series.

“I don’t know what’s coming,” Long said. “I just hope that Zeke plays a really big part in it, and I’m just really excited and can’t wait to see what it is. We’ve got a few months before we start up, so we’re all really thrilled.”

Long’s commitment was in doubt as he recently signed on to the upcoming NBC pilot “Getaway.”

When asked for clarification if that meant he was definitely returning to “Manifest,” Long said, “Yeah, well, we’re working on…I will be back for some of it, and we are just trying to work out the maximum amount that we can. I love the characters so much, but as you know, the show was cancelled. The other show is a pilot. We don’t know what’s happening with it yet. It’s also a really awesome project. So we’re just trying to work out schedules and everybody wants the best thing for everyone. So fingers crossed that it all works out for the best.”

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