Lindsay Lohan Leads Super Bowl Ad Workout for Planet Fitness

Followers of Lindsay Lohan can go to the Super Bowl to get a new workout.

Lohan is at the center of a new Super Bowl commercial from Planet Fitness, which is running an ad in the Big Game for the first time in its corporate history. The spot, crafted with Publicis Worldwide, is slated to air during the third quarter of NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl LVI.  The commercials also features William Shatner, Dennis Rodman, Buzzy Cohen and Danny Trejo in a short vignette that tells viewers how much better Lohan’s life is now that she works out regularly.

“We really tried to have fun with it and find someone who could really own the stage at the Super Bowl for us,” says Jeremy Tucker, the company’s chief marketing officer.

The fitness chain has for years been a big sponsor of “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve” on ABC, figuring that ad messages in that show would influence consumers eager to make a weight-loss resolution. Now, says Tucker, the Super Bowl is seen as another important time to get the word out, because the Big Game airs at a time when many New Year’s resolutions fail.

“Our goal is to get as many people off the couch and to experience good things like fitness and feeing good — without the intimidation,” he says. NBC said Thursday it had sold out all of its in-game inventory in Super Bowl LVI, for which it sought between $5.8 million and $7 million for a 30-second ad, setting a new benchmark for media costs around the gridiron classic.

Lohan’s appearance comes after a quieter period in her life. The “Mean Girls” and “Parent Trap” star recently announced her engagement, but has not taken a role in a bigger film or TV series in a few years.

In the ad, the decision seems to agree with her. Lohan is seen jogging and working out at the gym,, which helps her sleep better and gives her more energy, focus and drive – exactly the image Planet Fitness wants. She’s even said to be more productive, “trading DUI’s for DIYs,” a nod to some of her tabloid past.

Executives at the Hampton, NH company believe the one-two combination of New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl commercials will help motivate a consumer base that is increasingly eager to work out and be closer to people as the coronavirus hopefully subsides, says Tucker. Planet Fitness believes 80% of U.S. consumers over 14 do not belong to a guy, with 40% of those people never taking up a membership. The Super Bowl, with its tens of millions of viewers, offer a chance to reach a broad swath of potential customers.

Lohan’s appearance is “unexpected and authentic and makes you stop and pause, but it’s also authentic,” Tucker says. Ultimately, her fitness routine will be deemed successful if the company sees memberships soar.

Planet Fitness is one of a growing coterie of Super Bowl rookie sponsors. NBC indicated that more than 30 new advertisers have bought time in the Super Bowl, representing about 40% of the total advertisers in the event.

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