Bobbie Thomas opens up about husband’s death

The “Today” style contributor released a statement to NBC on Monday, saying how much she loved him and how he brought stability to her life.

“From the day we first met, Michael and I enjoyed 12 wonderful years together,” Thomas said. “He brought so much compassion, patience, understanding and stability to my life, and taught me more about love than I could ever put to words. While I have always been more comfortable sharing my life with the public, Michael was more private.”

She said Marion had an ischemic stroke in 2019, he was at first recovering and planning to return to work as an attorney before falling ill with organ problems. But then he landed back in the hospital.

“He landed in the hospital due to problems involving several organ systems,” she said, adding, “separate from his stroke of 18 months ago, and unrelated to Covid-19.”

Thomas added that Marion was “sensitive and silly, yet so stoic, and brave beyond my comprehension. I will be forever grateful for the time I had with him. He was so worth it.”

“He was a rare, devoted force of unconditional love in my life who made me feel so loved, so beautiful, and unequivocally supported,” she continued.

The two married in 2013 and welcomed son Miles in 2015.

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