Billy Eichner’s Rom-Com ‘Bros’ to Debut in Theaters in 2022

Billy Eichner’s upcoming romantic comedy “Bros” has been scheduled to debut in theaters next summer.

Set at Universal, the film will open on Aug. 12, 2022.

Eicher will star in “Bros,” centering on two men with commitment issues who attempt a relationship. He’s also co-writing the script with director Nicholas Stoller, the filmmaker behind “Neighbors” and “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Him to the Greek.”

Judd Apatow, whose expansive resume includes funny love stories such as “The Big Sick” and “Trainwreck,” is producing the film. Eichner will also serve as executive producer.

Eichner, who made a name for himself by ambushing unsuspecting New Yorkers for his man-on-the-street comedic game show “Billy on the Street,” received acclaim as the wisecracking meerkat Timon in Disney’s “The Lion King” remake and will appear next as Matt Drudge in “American Crime Story: Impeachment.”

In a prior interview with Variety, Eichner discussed the significance of being the first openly gay man to write and star in a romantic comedy for a major Hollywood studio.

“I’m honored that it’s me, but it should have been someone else 30 or 40 years ago,” he said. “I hear people talking about diversity and inclusion, but I often see gay people left out of those conversations. The comedy community, which has always been such a straight man’s game, has not been kind to openly gay men.”

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