23 Teen Thriller and Horror Series to Spook You Through Halloween

Is there anything more terrifying than a teenager? Throw a couple of serial killers and sociopaths in the hallways, werewolves with vendettas in the classroom, vampire slayers in the cafeteria, and you’ve got a ton of young adult TV characters dealing with a high school experience very unlike yours (and you’re oh-so-thankful for that).

In light of the four-episode debut of Amazon’s macabre “I Know What You Did Last Summer” mystery series adaptation — which trades North Carolina for Hawai’i and screen sweethearts of the ’90s for fresh Gen-Z faces — here are 23 of our favorite teen TV thrills and chills. While some of these shows might have you hiding under the blanket and sleeping with the lights on, others will creep into your bones and deliver shudders that don’t require a jumpscare. Whatever your relationship is with the horror, suspense or thriller genre, we’re sure these domestic and international series will keep you spooked through Halloween.

Note: the following list is presented in alphabetical order and is not ranked.

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