15 Totally Fun Kahoot Ideas and Tips You’ll Want To Try Right Away

You’ve probably heard of Kahoot by now. It’s an extremely popular online quiz game teachers and students can use for free. Teachers show the questions, and students use the completely safe app on their devices (like Chromebooks or smartphones) to respond. Students absolutely love these games, so don’t be surprised if they’re always begging you to play! The good news is there are plenty of terrific Kahoot ideas out there to try. Here are some of our favorites.

New Kahoot user? No worries! It’s extremely simple to use. Check out this video guide for a full walkthrough.

1. Set Kahoot expectations

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Kids can get a little competitive when they play games in class, so set some ground rules right up front. Remind kids this is all about the learning, and when they follow the rules, everyone benefits.

2. Combine Kahoot with Bitmoji

Screenshot of a Kahoot! game personalized with Bitmoji (Kahoot! Ideas)

Kahoot teamed up with Bitmoji, and it’s a match made in heaven! Teachers and students can use their personal Bitmoji when they play, and it’s free for all users! Find out more here.

3. Explore the public Kahoot library

Screenshot of Kahoot! Discover page, showing various public Kahoots

Need some quick Kahoot ideas? Save time by using a free public Kahoot from the huge library on the Discover page. It includes ready-to-play quizzes on pretty much any topic you can think of, all created by other teachers and educators. You can even take an existing public game and edit it to suit your needs. If you’re a Premium user, you’ll also find partner games with recognizable faces from Disney and more.

4. Assign Kahoot challenges for homework

Screenshot showing Kahoot! screen to choose between playing a live game or assigning it for self-paced learning (Kahoot! Ideas)

When you assign a Kahoot as a challenge, students play on their own, working only to improve their own score. You can turn the timer off if you just want them to focus on the questions and answers, or turn it on to practice skills like math facts that require quick responses. Students can also opt to replay questions until they get them correct, making this an excellent option for pre-test review. Learn how to assign a Kahoot challenge to Google Classroom here.

5. Use Reports for formative assessments

Kahoot! Reports page, showing difficult questions from a challenge

When you assign Kahoot challenges, you’ll receive detailed information about which questions were missed most often, along with score info pinpointing those who got less than 35% correct. This is a terrific way to determine which topics need more review and who needs a little extra help with the subject. Learn more here.

6. Use a Blind Kahoot to introduce new topics

This is one of those brilliant Kahoot ideas you’ll want to try right away. Instead of using the game to reinforce what students already know, teacher Stephanie Castle decided to try to use it to introduce new concepts instead. Through carefully structured questions based on her lesson plan, she gradually helped students understand entirely new material. She found kids were more engaged and truly had a better grasp of the topic. Watch the video to see what it’s all about, then give it a try yourself using this guide, which includes a free blank template.

7. Ask kids to show their thinking

Screenshot of Kahoot! questions asking students to write a linear function to represent a table (Kahoot! Ideas)

Here’s another way to use Kahoot to explore topics more deeply. Break questions into multiple sections. Begin by asking kids to explain how they’ll come up with the answer. Give them more time to think, and don’t assign any points for this question. Then, follow that up with a question asking for the answer itself, in a shorter amount of time. Find out more from Mathy Cathy.

8. Collaborate with a Jigsaw Kahoot

Jigsaw method anchor chart and screenshot of Kahoot! team mode

If you love using the collaborative Jigsaw Method in your classroom, consider adding a team Kahoot competition. With a variety of “resident experts” on each team, students will have even more fun competing. Explore the Jigsaw Method and discover how to use it with Kahoot at Melting Teacher.

9. Encourage improvement with Ghost mode

Screenshot of Kahoot game results, showing some players marked with a ghost icon (Kahoot! Ideas)

When you’ve finished a game, you have the option to play it again. This time around, repeat-players can play against their own “ghosts” to try to better their scores. For each question, the “ghost” version will answer the same way they did in the previous round. At the end, players can see if they managed to improve their scores, showing how much they’ve learned. Explore Ghost mode here.

10. Play without student devices

Square divided into four parts, with red triangle, blue diamond, yellow circle, and green square

Playing on devices like phones or Chromebooks is a lot of fun, but it can also cause problems. If you’d like to take devices out of the picture, use this free printable instead! Kids simply fold it to show their answer, then hold it up for the teacher to see. Visit The Primary Peach to get the printable and learn how to use it.

11. Challenge students to create their own Kahoot game

Slide titled "From Learners to Leaders" describing how kids can research, create, and assess using Kahoot

When you teach something to someone else, you show that you’ve truly mastered it yourself. Have your students create their own Kahoot games for review, then share them with their classmates. Kahoot calls the process “Learners to Leaders” and describes it in detail in their Kahoot! Academy Guide.

12. Break the ice with a Selfie Kahoot

Illustration saying "Selfie Kahoot" showing students playing in class

Kahoot ideas like this one make it so much fun for your class to get to know you—and each other! Use the free templates to create a quiz all about yourself for the first day of class. Then, have your students create their own. You can assign them as challenges or do one or two each day in class until everyone has had their turn. Find Kahoot icebreaker templates here.

13. Host a Geography Bee

Whiteboard showing Kahoot! question: "To what city would you travel to see the Pirates play in Pittsburgh?" (Kahoot! Ideas)

The National Geographic National Geography Bee challenges students from around the world to show what they know about the world. You can host your own geography bee using National Geographic’s free official Kahoot ideas and quizzes. Find them all here.

14. Include Kahoot in your sub plans

Graphic image showing students and teacher playing Kahoot!

Kahoot review games are terrific for substitute teachers to play with students. Make the experience more meaningful by having students explain why each answer is correct before moving on. They’ll love the chance to teach the teacher and show off their knowledge!

15. Take a Kahoot poll

Kahoot! slide asking What would you prefer for a class reward?

If you have one of Kahoot’s upgraded accounts, you have the ability to create polls and surveys. But if you’re using the free plan, you can still make it work! Simply create your question(s), set it for zero points, and mark all answers as correct. When you assign the quiz, turn off the timer. Kids provide their answers, and you’ll see the results for each question, as with any other quiz.

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