What to Know About Living in Yonkers

Yonkers can be an option for people who may want to get out of the higher-priced areas in and around New York City. As more people are working from home for what looks like the foreseeable future, they may want more of a suburban lifestyle, paired with more space and, of course, affordability. Those are some things Yonkers can offer.

Yonkers is located on the Hudson River. It’s the biggest city in the County of Westchester, and it’s sometimes described as the gateway between the Hudson Valley and New York City.

While Yonkers might feel less city-like if you come from New York City, it’s still an urban area.

The following are some general things to know about the area.

The Sixth Borough

Sometimes you’ll hear Yonkers called the sixth borough of New York City because it is relatively close and accessible. Yonkers has a history as an industrial area, having been home to the first elevator factory in the world.

In the past few decades, Yonkers has undergone a revitalization, so it now includes a new train station, luxury apartments and condos on the waterfront, and a transformed downtown.

For commuting professionals priced out of the city, Yonkers has a growing level of appeal.

Yonkers is just north of the Bronx, and it’s 20 square miles, two of which are water.

Certain parts of Yonkers are walkable and more urban than others, so they’re reminiscent of how you might feel in the Bronx. Then, there are also more suburban areas.

If you’re traveling by car, you can expect it’ll take you about 40 minutes to get from Yonkers to the city.

It’s around 30 miles from Brooklyn or an hour’s drive.

How Much Is Housing?

The median list price for a home in Yonkers is around $374,000 currently, and it’s actually trending down year-over-year, which could be good for buyers. In fact, compared to a lot of places throughout the country, it’s considered a buyer’s market right now. The home supply is greater than the demand, which is a rarity currently.

The average rent for an apartment is around $2,000, but there are significantly more owners than renters in the city.

Currently, neighborhoods with the highest rent include Bryn Mawr-Lockwood, Locust Hill, Old Seven Ward, and Woodstock Manor. If you want a historic, Victorian-era home, you might look in Northwest Yonkers.

There are nearly 40 different neighborhoods and communities, but the four main regions are Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest Yonkers.

The city is very economically and culturally diverse.


According to a WalletHub study from 2019, Yonkers is the second-safest city in America, and with New York crime rates on the rise, this could in and of itself be appealing to you.

The city came in only after Columbia, Maryland. The study looked at 182 cities, including the country’s 150 most populous.

For the WalletHub study, home and community safety, natural disaster risk, and financial safety were assessed.


There are Metro-North trains that stop in Yonkers along the Hudson line. This includes the primary Yonkers stop. You can also catch the Amtrak trains from here, and you can commute to Grand Central in around 40 minutes.

Why Residents Like It

There are a lot of things going for Yonkers right now.

First, Westchester Magazine recently named it the Best Place to Live in West Chester. The city has been taking steps to improve the schools, and there’s a lot of construction on the waterfront.

There is a level of charm, including in neighborhoods like Lincoln Park, with brick Colonial-style homes.

There are good restaurants in the area, including authentic globally-inspired eateries.

If you want to be nearby but you’d rather more of a suburban feel, some of the options around Yonkers include:

  • East Hills: East Hills is known for being an affluent Yonkers suburb with a low unemployment rate and a home value of more than $1 million on average.
  • Scarsdale: This Yonkers suburb is also high-income, with a low poverty and unemployment rate.
  • North Hills: North Hills is known for safety, but the schools are crowded, and there is a high cost of living.
  • Oyster Bay Cove: This suburb is preferred by families because of the excellent schools.
  • Lloyd Harbor: Again, like some of the other Yonkers suburbs, Lloyd Harbor has great schools, and it also has a low crime rate, but the cost of living tends to be lower than some of the nearby options.

Yonkers and the surrounding communities can be compelling if you want to escape some of the highest costs and taxes of New York City without going too far.

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