Unusual Toenail Designs for Stunning Summer Looks

Toe nail designs are just as important as the look of the nails on your hands. Summer is already here and with that come pool days, warm weather, vacation, and most importantly experimentation. Now is the perfect time to kick those plain nail colors out the door and look to theYou for help in spicing up your look.

Now trending…

This summer now more than ever, we are able to see the most diverse selection and variety of toe nail designs. 

Be sure to stop by your local nail place to ask for these designs on your next pedicure:

  • Neon hues to make them stand out in the pool. Bright red, blue and yellow make for a perfect choice.
  • Pastel colors add a nice soft touch to your nails. Pink, purple and light green look especially cute. 
  • If you want to go bold, try extreme colors like black, white or gold. They make for the best monochromatic looks. 
  • Try and delve into the shades no one seems to pick, such as brown, gray, and tan. These make you seem more creative and spontaneous.
  • Gradient designs also make for the perfect look. Pick your favorite colors and make a smooth transition between them to get an effortlessly eye-catching look.
  • As always, you can never go wrong with the “French tips”, maybe try and get that effortlessly classy look sometime.
  • Try out designs on your nails. This can make for the perfect accent. Designs like anchors, flowers, palm trees, zebra print, swirls, flames, and mermaid scales are super trendy in summer.

  • Try adding gemstones, glitter, crystals, rhinestones, bling, and stickers to enhance your look. 
  • Add text to make a statement. Something funny and creative can go a long way.

How to be experimentative with your toe nail designs

It’s easy to fall into the trap of getting bored with your nail colors. Like we said, summer is the time to get experimentative. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Try to experiment with your own takes on the trends. For example, if you like the zebra print, try to spice it up by changing it from black and white to pink and purple. Look to social media and blogs to find inspiration on the trending designs and what your favorite celebrities are wearing.  Consult your trusted nail technician at a local salon to ask for guidance on your nail journey. This journey can be one that is fun-filled, courageous, and exciting.

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