How To Make Your Mac Cooler? 6 Tricks You Didn’t Know

Sprucing up your Mac and making it look cooler is possible with these personalization tips. You no longer have to be stuck with a boring-looking system. Take a look below.

Change The Wallpaper

One of the easiest ways to make your macOS desktop feel new again is by swapping the old wallpaper for a new one. You can make this tiny change by going to the System Preferences application and selecting Desktop & Screen Saver. Click the Desktop tab and choose an image from the Mac desktop themes, or choose any image from your photo library.

You can also browse through the Dynamic Desktop section and opt to change the wallpaper according to the time of the day.

If you want to spice things up further, you can automatically change the wallpaper every hour or day.

Personalize The Mouse Cursor

Transform the way you interact with your computer by giving your mouse pointer a makeover. You can personalize the cursor click effect, the pointer size, the fill color of the mouse cursor, etc. These changes will reflect across the Mac system.

Replace The Folder Or App Icons With A Picture Of Your Choice

Quickly change the appearance of your macOS desktop by revamping the icons of folders, applications, and files. You can have custom icons for all your folders or apps, which can significantly improve your system’s appearance.

For this simple trick, you have to download your icons from any third-party application or search for macOS icons online. Once you have found your desired icons, you have to go to the file, folder, or the app and right-click on it to select the info option. Then, copy the picture you wish to use for the chosen item, choose the icon thumbnail, and press Command + V to paste the icon.

You can repeat this process as many times as you want to change several icons on your Mac system. Instantly, your system will appear different and lively. These fun icons will cut through the monotony and make your macOS desktop appear fun and exciting.

Change The Color Of All The Menu Items And Buttons

While this is another small change, you will notice it across the system. Go to System Preferences > click General > choose any color you want from the Highlight and Accent color options. The color you choose will reflect throughout your system in the menu options, all the buttons, and highlight anything in an application.

So, although the change is subtle and small, it will impact how your macOS desktop appears when you are working. It will significantly enhance the visual aesthetics of your system.

Transform The Dock With Spacers

Is the Dock on your Mac cluttered with several application icons? It might make your system appear too confusing when trying to search for things. You can reduce all this clutter by adding space between the icons.

To add spacers, you need to go to Terminal and enter defaults write com.apple.dock persistent-apps -array-add ‘{“tile-type”=”spacer-tile”;}’; killall Dock.

After the command is executed, you will see the Dock momentarily disappearing. Then, it will reload again with invisible tiles that create space between the app icons. Users can drag the invisible tiles along the Dock and place them wherever they want to space between the different icons. If you no longer require these spaces, you can drag them outside the Dock.

Revamp Individual Applications

You can play around with the built-in Mac settings for more personal touches and give the installed applications a makeover. For instance, if you have installed the Slack desktop application, you can revamp the Slack sidebar by choosing a new theme.

You can also transform how your email looks by going to the Mac Mail application and tweaking the colors and fonts. You have to visit Preferences > click Fonts & Colors. Furthermore, you can highlight individual messages by choosing them, and you can pick a new color via Format and then Show Colors.

That’s not all because you can get a brand new skin for the Terminal by going to Preferences > clicking Profiles. You have to choose any available themes and then select Default. If you want the new color profile to show up, you must restart the Terminal.

Are you a dark mode enthusiast? If so, you can change the appearance of the applications by enabling the Dark Mode. From Bear to Ulysses and Spark, several apps support the dark theme.

The Bottom Line

You can make these seemingly simple and subtle changes to transform the appearance of your macOS desktop. The significant change in visual appearance will make it more exciting for you to work on your system. There won’t be any monotony and the system will truly resonate with your personality and sense of style.

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