Map: A state-by-state breakdown of vaccination rates

In the race against the spread of more difficult to control coronavirus variants, the U.S. is making steady progress in its nationwide vaccine rollout. Through Tuesday, Jan. 26, 24.7 million people, or about 6% of the U.S. population had received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; that number is up from 15.2 million Americans a week ago. Another 3.8 million people, or 1.1% of the population, have now received both doses.

Progress with the vaccine drive is increasingly varied across the states, with the percent of population vaccinated ranging from 4.5% in Idaho and Missouri to 11.4% in Alaska, America’s largest and least dense state. West Virginia, which has outpaced others in administering shots for weeks, is the only other state to have vaccinated more than 9% of its population.

2.9 million doses have been given at long-term care facilities through the federal government’s partnership with private pharmacies, up from 1.7 million a week ago.

The country has administered 52.3% of the vaccines that have been distributed. California, the state which has received the most doses, has administered 45.3% of their 5.3 million doses. Texas, Florida, and New York, which have also received large distributions, have administered 57% , 48%, and 63%, respectively.


State or territory Share vaccinated
Alabama 4.7%
Alaska 11.4%
Arizona 5.3%
Arkansas 6.9%
California 5.5%
Colorado 6.6%
Connecticut 8.5%
Delaware 6.7%
District of Columbia 7.6%
Florida 6.8%
Georgia 5.9%
Hawaii 5.6%
Idaho 4.5%
Illinois 4.8%
Indiana 6.4%
Iowa 5.2%
Kansas 4.8%
Kentucky 6.4%
Louisiana 6.7%
Maine 6.4%
Maryland 5.6%
Massachusetts 5.7%
Michigan 6.3%
Minnesota 5.3%
Mississippi 5.8%
Missouri 4.5%
Montana 6.2%
Nebraska 5.9%
Nevada 4.9%
New Hampshire 6.2%
New Jersey 6.0%
New Mexico 8.4%
New York 6.6%
North Carolina 6.0%
North Dakota 7.7%
Ohio 5.6%
Oklahoma 7.5%
Oregon 6.5%
Pennsylvania 5.4%
Rhode Island 5.7%
South Carolina 5.3%
South Dakota 7.4%
Tennessee 5.5%
Texas 5.7%
Utah 6.3%
Vermont 7.1%
Virginia 6.1%
Washington 5.8%
West Virginia 9.5%
Wisconsin 4.8%
Wyoming 6.6%

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