4 Ways Relationship Issues Affect Your Company’s Bottom Line

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Picture a scenario where you’re exasperated from a long and arduous work day. The phone keeps ringing, and you see that it’s your significant other calling. As you immediately answer, excited to speak to them after a hectic morning, the sentiment is not reciprocated. To your dismay, you answering this call leads to an argument and before you know it, your heart is shaking and blood pressure skyrockets. Meanwhile, your team is waiting for you to meet a tight deadline, so you bite the bullet and try your best to keep it together.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation like the aforementioned, you’re not alone. Juggling our aspirations, wants and needs while attempting to maintain our balance and composure during the craziness that we’re often surrounded with is an everyday challenge for many, particularly those with grand dreams and ambitions.

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